Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • My brother’s wedding was this past Sunday, which was really stressful.  It was also hard to be reminded how much lower my level of functioning is now compared to when I’m well.
  • I’ve been having quite a bit of anxiety this week.  Not anxious thoughts, but physically anxious.  There’s nothing for me to be “anxious about” with the wedding being over and one with, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.
  • My concentration has been quite bad, which has made it hard to get much of anything done.
  • I had gotten Botox in February because there have been a few studies that found Botox injected into the frown lines on the forehead could help with depression.  While it’s hard to say how much it did or didn’t help, it did make me realize just how much I had been frowning before.  The effect of the previous injections started wearing off a little while back, and recently I started to notice I was frowning again, so I got Botox round 2 this week.  It can’t hurt, anyway.
  • I need to arrange a pet-sitter to take care of the guinea pigs when I go to Italy next month.  Figuring out how to choose someone feels really overwhelming.
  • I’ve gone to yoga twice this week and gotten out for walks almost every day.

How has your week been?

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  1. Great post! That trip to Italy sounds like it’s gonna be fun! Work was stressful but I’m entering a video contest this weekend that may fund my dream of starting my own business (post to come soon) and I feel very excited about the possibility. Plus I’m reading a ton now which is helping with self care. Hope you have a good weekend 🙂

  2. My first thought after reading this was, “I wish we were IRL friends because I want to watch the beautiful Guinea pigs!” LOL , sorry, I’m a hopeless animal person. On another note, I can completely relate to having to face down the reality of one’s level of functioning when it isn’t where it used to be or where we hope for it to be.

  3. Wayhey, I think you should be proud for sticking to a bit of yoga and walking despite how you’ve been feeling. Glad all’s done with the wedding, the extra stress couldn’t have helped; anxiety may be partly residual, ‘coming down’ from the event so to speak. Interesting about the botox… I frown but also squint (headaches maybe?) a heck of a lot which I’ve only been aware of the past week or so. I hope the injections can help you, will be interesting to hear how you find it after your next treatment! I’ve been recommended acupuncture by the neurologist for headaches, though I think that has even less ‘evidence’/positive reviews than botox. xx

      1. I first had it about 6 1/2 months ago, and over the last maybe 6 weeks or so I was noticing it gradually starting to wear off. I wasn’t worried about the aesthetic effect, so I decided to wait until I noticed myself frowning again to get another round of Botox. Recently I did start noticing that, so I got the same dose injected as I did last time (29 units).

  4. Weddings can be overwhelming to the millionth power. They carry with them this weird pressure to act all cheery, like life’s great near and far. Weirdness. And don’t feel bad–I frown all the time. I feel it in my forehead. My concentration is shot to hell, too, so I can totally relate. I bet you’re anxious about your guinea pigs. I’ll say a little blessing that you find the greatest pet-sitter ever!!

  5. I found this week to be utterly difficult because of family stress. It triggered me so badly. I think family stressors are the absolute worse. I am proud of you for getting through it though; that truly shows strength.
    Oh, my goodness, I wish I could care for your fur babies while you are away. I would love and jump to the chance to spend time with those adorable little creatures. If only we lived closer to one another, I would in a heartbeat. 🙂

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