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Travelling has always been a major passion of mine.  Unfortunately depression makes it rather hard to feel passionate about much of anything, but in an attempt to get myself a bit more excited about my upcoming trip to Italy I thought I’d do a post covering the places I’ve managed to tick off my list thus far.

North America:

  • Mexico
  • United States


  • Austria – my friend and I wanted to visit Mozart’s grave, but after walking there in the pouring rain the cemetery gate was locked
  • Czech Republic
  • England – I didn’t get outside of London, and will definitely need to go back
  • France – one of my all time favourites
  • Germany – only visited Munich, so this is another country to return to
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Romania – Where else can you dance the night away at the Dracula Disco?
  • Russia – I was depressed during this trip, so didn’t really get to enjoy it.  In selfies I took my face is gaunt because I had lost so much weight due to illness.
  • Slovakia
  • Switzerland – the organization nut in me loved that all of the clocks were synchronized and trains arrived on time to the minute


  • Cambodia
  • India – I enjoyed it despite having raging diarrhea much of the time I was there
  • Israel
  • Japan – I visit here on a school exchange trip when I was 14.  The flight was hideous because back in the day people used to be able to smoke in planes.
  • Jordan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan – This is where I got to camp in a yurt (2 yurts, to be exact).
  • Laos
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vietnam – As a solo white female traveller, I really stood out and acted like a magnet for chatty locals.

South America and Caribbean

  • Argentina – Alas I was too sick (thanks to Bolivia) to enjoy the famous steaks
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil – One hotel my mom and I stayed in had a porn channel on the tv and mirrors at various angles around the bed.  Classy all the way.
  • Cuba
  • Peru


  • Egypt – There was so much sexual harassment from yucky Egyptian men
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania


Do you enjoy travelling?  Where are some of the place that you’ve visited?

For more travel posts, check out my travel the world page.


Photo by Capturing the human heart. on Unsplash

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29 thoughts on “Places ticked off my bucket list

  1. thegoodthehuman says:

    Oh wow this list is amazing! I would LOVE to travel more but I get horrific panic attacks with flying – I am getting slightly better but it’s really hard for me. The next time I step foot on a plane I’ve decided I’m going to Rome (wish me luck lol) really great post! x

  2. Revenge of Eve says:

    Wow. You’ve been everywhere… I love to travel but I’ve only stayed in the states. I want to travel outside of here but I am hesitant.

  3. Meg says:

    Wow, you are quite the globetrotter!! 😮 Awesomeness!

    I’ve only been here in the US, but I’ve been to Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Colorado, Wyoming (but I was three years old–does that count?), and Kansas. Oh! Ohio. I’ve never been further north than Ohio nor further west than Colorado (except that time when I was three).

    But wow! You’ve been all over! And you’re going to Italy soon, when I’m going to Prague? PARTY!!

  4. says:

    Wholly Cow! You’ve been just about everywhere! I am so envious. I’ve only been to Montreal, Canada., Whole East coast of the USA, Colorado, and Ireland for a blip…meaning it was for a Concert Choir competition only, and back on the plane. Which was an absolute bummer.
    I so can’t wait for you to visit Italy. I want plenty of pictures from you!!!

  5. seaofwordsx says:

    Wow omg that list is amazing! I wish I have travelled that much. I travelled a lot through Europe. You still need to go to Spain haha ✌️ The place most far away where I went was NYC. I loved it. I wish to go to Sweden, Africa, Aruba, Australia, California, México, Brasil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and many more.

  6. Siddhesh wani says:

    That’s amazing. You have traveled so many places. I wish, my list also grows just like that. So, far I have been to India (Native :-p) and Japan (settled for job). But I keep travelling within Japan. So far, I had wonderful experiences in Japan – convenient transport, beautiful weather, breathtaking scenery and helpful people. So read on my blog about my travel stories in Japan

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