Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I spent the earlier part of the week visiting my Grandma.  It was a good visit, but quite tiring.  Especially hard was that she would have moments of confusion when she would get really irrational, like thinking my uncle was trying to steal her money.  Her short-term memory is really impaired, so I was having to try to explain the same things over and over, which got frustrating even though I knew it wasn’t her fault.  My parents, who live not far from Grandma, knew I was in town but I didn’t hear from them.  I’m not sure what that’s about, but it doesn’t feel very good.
  • I’ve been more irritable this week, although it’s hard to tell if that’s internal or just annoying stuff happening that pissed me off.  I full on spazzed at a guy in my building who was being a vehicular menace in the underground parking (e.g. he almost backed into me, I leaned on the horn, he paused for a second, then resumed trying to back into me).  I usually try to keep my irritability on the inside, but on this occasion I just let er rip.
  • I’d been waiting for my iPhone 5S to start giving me problems before getting a new phone, and this week that time had come.  I got a new iPhone 8 and switched to a different carrier that gave me a better plan for less money, so that’s a good thing.
  • I had some short periods of really negative thoughts.  Just when I start thinking that I’ve convinced myself I know these thoughts aren’t true, they pop up to say hello and remind me they’re still floating around in there, ready and waiting to do a little crazy dance.
  • I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by things I want/need to do, even though there really isn’t much to be overwhelmed by, and I worked very little this week.  I guess it’s just taken a few days to get settled in and comfortable after being out of town at Grandma’s.
  • After an experience 6 months ago of crying and then getting up and walking out, I have concluded that dental appointments always need to be pre-treated with drugs.  With the assistance of Ativan and Seroquel, I made it through an appointment yesterday without a meltdown, although I still felt pretty panicky.  I think it’s partly the pain/discomfort, partly the feeling of having no control, partly that it’s intrusive, and partly I feel like I’m drowning when they use the ultrasonic water scaler thingamabob.


How has your week been?


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  1. Great post! I also have the iPhone 8 and love it. I’m in the process of switching carriers also. I can get the frustration with parking garage guy. Eventually all cars will have the backup cameras. Take care!

  2. I had 5 days holiday away. It may still have been another area in Nottinghamshire still, but I enjoyed it. Although I planned what I was going to do over the 5 days, my expectations exceeded what I originally thought. I got to know the area better too. I will share this in a chit-chat post later this month.

    Today, I went to Cats Protection to take some donations, then a late lunch, before watching some films on DVD back home. X

      1. I had my 5 days in Newark and the hotel I chosen was great. Very welcoming and I felt at home, so I would totally recommend and I would use again. 🙂

          1. Yes it does. It was the first time I have used any hotel in Newark. I was nervous when I first arrived, but as soon as I was shown my room, the nerves went away and I was more relaxed when speaking to them later. It’s a family run business and they were all lovely.

  3. That sucks you’ve been feeling so irritable this week, it can feel really awful. Sorry to hear about your grandma and that her memory issues, that’s sad, but I get it that it can become very frustrating as well. Hope you have a good rest of the weekend and that next week will be better overall. 🙂

  4. I have been waiting for my 6 to start giving me problems. Glad you made it through the dentist. I had a pretty good week because I planned a quick roadtrip out to Colorado this coming Wed. It will be good to go play in the mountains. ⛰😊

  5. Congrats on making it without a meltdown. Taking care of your teeth is critical. My mom has no teeth; she made me promise to be good to mine. One of the dental hygienist’s where I go is a bit rough. However, another one has a more gentle touch. I found out I could request the one I wanted! Yay!

  6. Some weeks are better than others…I had a dentist appointment myself…Jaw will be sore for a few days…But I did it and that is the important part! Good for you for getting through it!
    Have a great week this week!

  7. Sorry to hear of your hard week! I have no clue why your parents can’t help out with Grandma, but it makes me really sad. I’ve seen the same sort of old-age paranoia with my late grandmother (the paternal one) who was a really sweet lady, but she kept thinking I was stealing from her. 🙁 It’s all good. I never held it against her, and, as you know, I knew she couldn’t help it. You are truly a blessing in your grandma’s life. 🙂

    What up with that stupid driver?! It’s pretty bad in my neighborhood, too, although I don’t have to deal with a parking garage. Here in the Highlands, stop signs mean you should slow down from 25 mph to 20 mph, pretend to care for a brief moment, and then speed on through. AAARGH. I share your frustration with thoughtless drivers, and I’d have gone off on that guy in the garage too.

    Sorry you have such a hard time at the dentist’s! I’m having some dental woes too–after I last went, they requested $1,300 to deep-clean my teeth. I’m still making my shocked face and wondering how I’m going to fix my teeth. It’s like, “Get out and come back in.” Anyway, with your problem, I can see how Seroquel would help. I use Seroquel for some similar issues.

    I hope this week is so much better!! 🙂 When those negative thoughts do their crazy dance, mock them!

    My week was tragicomic, as usual. 😛

    1. $1300 to clean your teeth? Wow. I think if my insurance didn’t cover dental visits I’d probably use it as an excuse not to go at all. Hope you have a good week too 🙂

  8. You are such a supportive grandaughter, your grandmother is so very lucky to have you by her side. I second the motion of being drugged before a visit to a dentist. OMG! I tremble all over days before I visit them.
    As far as the dickhead in the parking garage, knowing the mood I was in prior to reading this… I would have waited for him to park again, and write “Asshole” in lipstick across his windshield. But, that’s just me when I’m in a pissed off frame of mind. 🙂

  9. I hope you feel better now ❤️ I hate dentists so much so I understand you. I have so much anxiety. I keep postponing that I have to go because I have caries in my wisdom teeth. I’m just so afraid to get that pulled out. However, they say they are more human here in Spain than in Holland so prefer to do it here. My family keep pushing me and telling me that I have to go which cause me more anxiety. I hope you find a dentist who is gentle to you.

  10. Virtual blogger hugs winging your way xx
    Irritability, negative thoughts and being overwhelmed are my red flags, telling me I have to ramp up the self care and cut down on stress and responsibilities.
    How’s this week going? 💕

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