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Another Journalling Update


I recently had some additions to my journal family when I got my thank you goodies for judging Revenge of Eve‘s P4J contest.  Rather than saving some journals for later, I decided to get all four going at once, each with a slightly different purpose.  As you can see below, I’m one of the most unartistic people in the world.  I can barely draw a straight line, for crying out loud.  I like to use stickers but I’m running very low on those and haven’t gotten around to getting some more.

Journal page with ACT models

This is the journal on the far left in the picture, with the pineapples on it.  It’s from Candace of Revenge of Eve.  This is my “therapy journal”, with my favourite bits and pieces from things like CBT, DBT, AND ACT.  It’s also where I’ll keep track of the skills I’m trying to work on and the distorted thoughts I’m able to identify.

The journal that’s the second from the left in the picture above is what I started with when I first got into bullet journalling earlier this year.  It’s pretty packed full, but I’m still using the daily gratitude log and monthly overview tracker in this journal rather than transferring them over to another journal.

The journal that’s the third from the left is also from Revenge of Eve.  It has four different guided mindfulness-based page spreads.  It’s set up as a daily journal but I’m using the four spreads to cover a week instead.

This is the journal on the far right, and it’s sort of a carry-over bullet journal that I started when I was running out of space in the first one.  I have a weekly summary section, and this is what I use to write my weekend wrap-up blog entries.  I also started a mood tracker in this journal.  I had previously been using the Pacifica app, but as the year has progressed, I’ve gone from doing all my tracking in apps to all of it in my journals.

So that’s my journal situation right now.  It’s slightly more artistic than these pages convey, but not much.  I love seeing pretty pictures on WordPress and Pinterest of people’s elaborate bullet journal pages, but unfortunately, I’m just not that person.  I’m ok with that, though, because even if the insides aren’t necessarily pretty, the outsides are, and they function very well.

If you journal, has your approach evolved over time?

Creating a bullet journal to support mental health: A how-to guide

This how-to guide on creating a bullet journal to support mental health is available free from the MH@H Store.  My approach isn’t about artistry; it’s all about functionality.

28 thoughts on “Another Journalling Update”

  1. I’ve got to step my journaling game up!! I need to have an outlet for self-care and scheduling. I just don’t know where to start with scheduling. I am happy to see this system working for you.

  2. Great images, and great organization!!

    I used to keep diaries, back before the era of Internet. I still have them on my shelf. I don’t do anything in notebooks these days, but you’ve got me intrigued by the idea! You’ve given me a lot of fun ideas to consider!!

  3. I have also made the switch to notebooks for writing my daily gratitude. I find physically writing has a more powerful effect than typing or using my phone. I love the look of your journals and the routine you have 🙂

      1. no really.. I love how proactive you are towards your mental health. I can’t even freaking feed myself lol but seriously you really are amazing!

  4. Journals? Ha! My good intentions gone awry. Chalk it up to a lack of self-discipline. Besides, my scattered thoughts are unworthy to be collated, organized or written down. Regardless, i keep buying those beautiful journals. Journals best kept that way… i would dirty the pages with all the gunk in my veins. Blah! (So i brandish the internet with them…😒)

    Anyhow… have fun! Stickers are awesome. Colored inks, grand! Wish i could sit myself down… but it causes too much anxiety.

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