Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Self-care included a massage and a yoga class.  Yoga class wasn’t as relaxing as it normally was because the teacher decided to do a lengthy guided meditation.  I was feeling strong urges to scream “shut up!” or just walk out, but I held it together and made it through the class.
  • I discovered a $450 charge on my credit card statement that wasn’t mine.  My bank reversed the charge and cancelled my card.  It sounds like they figure my info was obtained from a mass harvesting of credit card data like you hear about when retailers get hacked.  This was the first time anything like this had happened to me, and was a good reminder to look carefully at my statements.
  • I have had a strained relationship with my parents the last couple of years, and a few times lately I’ve gotten information from/about them via my brother.  This week I got an email from my brother passing on a request from our mom that I do something, and this kind of thing just makes me feel even shittier about the relationship.
  • I got very frustrated with a friend of mine who I’ve been helping with school.  His mindset towards it is very odd, and his grades have been crap as a result.  I have been trying for months to explain that if he just changed up his approach he’d be fine, but it just seems like he’s got blinders on.  I don’t deal well with frustration, and got kind of snappy with him earlier in the week.
  • I’m staying with my Grandma for the next few days.  I discovered her dumbass doctor had only ordered 2 weeks of a medication for gastroesophageal reflux (that she should have been put on a long time ago), so I called to make an appointment so I could take her in to get it reordered.  The receptionist gave me all kinds of attitude and was super reluctant to book an appointment.  If that’s how that clinic operates no wonder Grandma’s getting such shitty care.  I’m going to be on the fucking warpath when I take her in for her appointment in a few days.  And all the while my mother stands back and does sweet fuck all.  Ah, family dynamics.


How has your week been?


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  1. Please give my regards to your grandma!! I hope she’s feeling better soon. The healthcare system is such a mess these days.

    Sorry to hear about the guided meditation! Maybe you could complain or ask for future warning, or something? I’ve never been to yoga, so I don’t know how common that sort of thing is.

    I can totally relate to the family drama! 😀 I guess that goes without saying.

    I hope your friend gets with the program and tries harder at school!!

    My week has been good. My shoulder strain is finally on the mend. I’ve finally finished going through my beta-readers edits of my current novel. I’ve been successful with my eBay sale. I was smart enough not to go to dinner with my mom (and other family members) last night. All good!

      1. Yeah, ’cause what did I say? That you all could slap me silly if I went? 😀 I haven’t interacted with Mother in quite a while, and I’ve never felt calmer nor more at peace.

  2. Golly, that all sounds frustrating to say the least. I’ve had a week of good, bad and interesting. This cycling has opened my mind and although I’m exhausted, I am amazed at how strong our bodies really are. Emotionally I’m very good which is surprising bearing in mind I’m away from everything normal, so all in all a good week.

  3. Guided meditation isn’t for everyone and imo the shorter the better!
    Families are a pain, they either don’t do enough, do too much or do it all wrong…
    My week has been OK mixed with kid related frustrations. I’m in complete la la land and can’t keep in mind what day or date it is, so constantly feel I’m missing the things that I should be doing. Sometimes I just want my brain to work!
    Take care xx

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