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I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from blog awards, but when I’m nominated for awards I’ll answer the questions posed to me in this 20(ish) questions format, along with assorted other question tags and the like.  Feel free to join in the fun with your own answers to any or all of the questions 🙂


Questions from A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip‘s Quick Fire Round #9:

  • Post it notes or notebook?  Both have their roles, but I’m not especially reliant on either.
  • Do you have a calendar at home on the wall and if so, do you actually use it for information or is just there for decoration? Or are you more of a calendar app person?  Not currently, but in previous years I’ve had one on the wall for decoration.  My Google calendar is as essential to my life as oxygen.
  • Do you sleep with the bedroom door open or shut?  I live alone, so open to get more air flow.  Something I find very odd about my parents is that they keep the bedroom door open regardless of who else may be in the house.
  • Do you smile a lot, a little, hardly ever or WTF is a smile?  When I’m well I smile a lot.  When my depression is really bad sometimes I’ll look in the mirror and try to force myself to smile, and I just can’t do it.
  • Did you have freckles as a kid or do you still have them now?  No freckles.  I have assorted small moles scattered around, including a rogue larger one on my face that likes to sprout hair, which I find rather obnoxious.
  • Are you photogenic?  Absolutely not. As soon as I see a camera pointed at me I start making all kinds of involuntary weird faces.  Is there a photographic version of tardive dyskinesia?
  • Is it just me that counts trees or do you count something when out in the car??
  • Are you a pen or pencil chewer?  No.  I have vague recollections of sometimes doing this when I was young, but not anymore.
  • What’s your tune of the week?  Don’t have one.  All my music is loaded on my iPhone, and I rotate through various playlists.
  • Best holiday you have ever been on?  Hard to say, because I’ve travelled to some pretty cool places.  I had a great time on my first big international trip to Greece and Turkey when I was 22.
  • Do ever wear bright, bright, bright pink?  Not since the 80’s.  I wore enough then to last a lifetime.
  • What’s your favourite food dip?  My mind jumped to fried chicken with this one, so I’m going to say honey mustard.  But I’m finicky about my honey mustard.  The less it tastes like actual honey or mustard, the better.  KFC does a good honey mustard sauce that seems like it would have a best before date of 200 years from now.
  • Would you ever pose nude for a charity calendar?  Hell no.  I’m a firm believer that 97% of the population look better with clothes on, and I fall into that group.
  • We live in the age of email and digital electronics, when was the last time you actually wrote a letter with something other than a keyboard?
  • How many first dates have you ever been on?  Very few.  In the past I’ve either leapt into a relationship or leapt into bed.  Not so much of that whole dating thing.
  • What is your Chinese astrological sign?  I didn’t actually know this, but as I was preparing to Google it I thought goat would be my top choice.  And guess what, I am a goat!  Sometimes you do get what you ask for in life 🙂
  • Do you have any monthly/weekly magazine subscriptions?  I get a weekly dose of trash in the form of US Weekly.  I’m hooked up with a deeply discounted subscription rate, and it’s fun to see what the fancy people are wearing.
  • It annoys the hell out of Suze who says it’s distracting – but do you dance in the car or are you more of a singer?  I’m more of a singer, but will occasionally bust out the car dancing moves.

Answers please on underside of a elephants trunk!

Baby Elephant, Elephants, Bath, Sun Bath, River Bath


More from A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip:

  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.  Well, I’ll have to dig deep to try and drum up that memory from less than a year ago…  I had a lot of time on my hands.  I think I was doing some reading on starting a clinical private practice, and came across something that mentioned having a website with a blog.  I got interested and ran with that blog tangent, and here I am.  I have no plans to actually start a private practice anytime soon, but Mental Health @ Home was the name I had cooked up in my head for that, so that’s where the blog name came from.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
    • Make friends!  The WordPress community is awesome, and you will wonder why the hell the people you’re surrounded by in real life aren’t as cool as the WP bunch.
    • Find your blogging groove.  Figure out what blogging frequency feels right for you, whether you prefer impromptu or scheduled posts, whether you want to have recurring themes, etc.  Anything goes, so it’s just a matter of figuring out what works for you, and then you can snuggle in and get cozy.
    • Bonus tip: Spam will happen, and instead of letting it bug you, try to find the ridiculousness in it.  Much of it is mundane, but some if it is pretty out there.


Come on, you know you want to answer a few – that’s what the comments section is for!


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15 thoughts on “20(ish) Questions

  1. Nat says:

    My parents are the same way with their bedroom door. They leave it open at all times even during sleep hours unless they have the a.c. on (which is pretty rare). I haven’t had my door open during sleep hours since I was a kid. There’s something unsettling about leaving the door open when it’s dark and still.

  2. Meg says:

    Woo hoo!! You’re a goat!! I think I’m a snake. Let me check…. Yep, snake.

    “Photographic tardive dyskinesia” made me laugh out loud!! 😀 Explains so much about my own life, too!! 😀

  3. Kerry says:

    freckles……so many freckles. I laugh when I see adverts for freckle pencils–I could make a fortune selling mine. I’m a rabbit under the Chinese calendar and totally agree with the bright, neon pink movement–it’s over! :/

  4. Karen says:

    “Make friends! The WordPress community is awesome, and you will wonder why the hell the people you’re surrounded by in real life aren’t as cool as the WP bunch.” – love love love this!

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