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My own little piece of paradise

wildflowers shown against blue sky
Soorelis on Pixabay

I have a page in my bullet journal devoted to what my own little piece of heaven would look like.  Here’s what it would include:

  • sunny and warm with a gentle breeze
  • an ocean beach with waves crashing against the shore
  • a grassy meadow teeming with guinea pigs and other cute critters, as well as four-leaf clovers and wildflowers
  • yummy food that was magically good for both body and soul (i.e. cheeseburger is the new salad)
  • only kind people, and not a lot of them
  • no pressure or obligations
  • simplicity
  • no trauma reminders
  • people I love
  • no future to worry about, only the present
  • good mental health

What would there be in your own piece of paradise?



25 thoughts on “My own little piece of paradise”

  1. Sandy beach with not too many people. The sea coming in and out on the shore, with the sun shining.
    Behind me, an area of grass which will extend out before reaching near any roads.
    Being able to sit and relax with the waves and enjoy some of my time.
    If I allowed in this dream to be living just opposite this beach, then to enjoy the sea view, no matter what the weather and the time, to admire and learn from. For the peace at times, but to share that view too.

  2. a turquoise ocean with gentle waves lapping on a white sandy beach, a beautiful mountain range in the background, an open-air hut where we gather each evening (or not, if I’m not feeling social), wonderful friends and family around, happy critters, and lazy days feeling at peace. Thank You for taking me to my happy place! 🙂

  3. I love the “cheeseburgers are the new salad” haha! As an introvert, I also like the “kind people, but not too many.” What a great concept to reflect on

  4. My perfect paradise would be:
    Stress & Drama Free!
    I agree with the “Cheeseburger being the new salad” hands down!
    Having “Peanut” (parrot) with me until my dying day.
    Either a nice little cottage facing the ocean or a little log cabin in the woods where I could listen to all the sounds of nature.
    Inner peace.
    No more physical and mental health issues.
    Be surrounded by the people I love the most. (which is a small group).
    And… To actually live in a country where the President is not such a complete dick head.
    That about sums it up for me. 🙂

  5. I love it!! Such a beautiful image!!

    My heaven would be communing with close souls to me and feeling loved.

  6. That sounds like heaven.
    My personal paradise would be in a pool by the ocean, so I could swim in the pool and hear the ocean (I don’t like swimming in the ocean, it scares me). There would be fresh apple cider, homemade iced tea and various juices. I would be online writing with infinite creativity and time. I could earn a living as a freelancer. Meditation get togethers would be very close to where I was. My knees would be okay so I could dance all night long in a nearby club that would be not too crowded and would only play electronic music that I like. A free sushi bar and a noodle place would be nearby, too. I would have unlimited data on my phone and all the apps with work while I use it. My laptop would be brand new and it would be an expensive one. All my friends would be there and everything would be going great in their lives. My boyfriend, cats and parents would be there, too. Their lives would be great, as well. My pets would only die after I die (or could live forever with a nice transhumanist that took care of them in a great way). I could read 5 or more books a day and books would be free for everyone. My friend who passed away would be there and he would be happy. I could go on… But I won’t haha 🙂 <3

  7. I love the idea of a meadow full of guinea pigs! My pigs’ idea of heaven would be a meadow covered with dandelions. My heaven would have a lot of wildlife and wild spaces, my family, partner, friends and pets, and a never-ending supply of books and cups of tea! 🙂 And cake too of course.

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