Judging P4J – Journal goodies!

I was recently a judge in Revenge of Eve‘s P4J (Photos 4 Journals) contest.  Candace, being the lovely lady that she is, rewarded not only the contest winner (Beckie from Beckie’s Mental Mess) but also the judges.  Barb from Bipolar Barb showed off her goodies here, and today I got mine!

The gold foil paradise journal showed up blue in the photo but it’s more of teal colour, and it’s got a cool P4J ROE stamp on the first page.  The Daily Mindfulness guided journal from Punch Studios includes prompts related to self-care, affirmations, and remaining present.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what Candace creates with her handcrafted stationery passion project, Not Your Average Chick.

I’ve been keeping a bullet journal for the last six months or so.  I’ve been pretty consistent with it, and have managed to write in it pretty much every day, even if it’s just a daily gratitude entry.  I’m finding it very therapeutic, plus it helps me to see patterns that I probably wouldn’t notice otherwise because my memory isn’t that great.  I’ve actually got 2 journals on the go right now, and because I’ve added page headings and trackers as I’ve come up with ideas, it’s pretty disorganized.  I’ve got lots of ideas now, though, to set up my next journal more efficiently.

Do you journal, and if so, how do you approach it?


Creating a bullet-style journal from Mental Health @ Home Store


The Mental Health @ Home Store has a FREE how-to guide on creating a bullet journal to support your mental health.  My approach isn’t about artistry; the key is functionality.

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17 thoughts on “Judging P4J – Journal goodies!

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    I only blog. but now I have gotten some journal prompting apps! and I am going to buy some books on journal prompts as well! congrats on getting all those cool journals!

  2. introvertinmedicine says:

    I keep a bullet journal and a traditional journal. I keep my daily tasks, gratitude list, and monthly recap (a one page reflection I do on the highs and lows at the end of the month) in my bullet journal and have journaling sessions in my regular journal. I’ve never tried using journal prompts, but that sounds like a fun idea!!

    • ashleyleia says:

      I like that idea of having a separate bullet journal and traditional journal. I’ve been throwing traditional journal entries into my bullet journal here and there, but I think it would work better to have them separate.

  3. BeckiesMentalMess.wordpress.com says:

    Candace’s prizes were amazing and you could tell she put her heart into it. I love what I received and found a purpose for each individual book. Journaling, personal records keeping, all appointments, etc… I love the picture you provided. Really beautiful. I should have taken a picture and posted it, but haven’t had the chance. Maybe, I’ll do that tomorrow. 🙂 Enjoy yours!

  4. Not Your Average Chick says:

    I am so happy you like them. If I remember correctly your favorite color is blue?… You girls are the best for helping me out. Thank you for your role in p4j. I look to you two for next year 😉

  5. Karen says:

    Beautiful journals!
    My journaling has been dormant recently, whether that’s because I’m generally feeling better or because my mind is so unfocused I’m not sure… it’s a shame because I love notebooks and pretty pens!

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