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Revenge of Eve G2K - get to Know

It’s Get 2 Know (G2K) time at Revenge of Eve.  Here are my answers to this week’s questions; I’m in the middle of languishing in unhealthy coping strategies, and the answers reflect that.

  1. If you could change one thing in your life, what would you change?  I would live in a yurt, with a pet yak for a cuddle bunny.
  2. Who would benefit from such change?  Mostly me and the yurt, but the sunshine of our love would spread over the whole yurt-ing community.
  3. Are there steps you can take to make this change happen?  1) Buy plane ticket to Kyrgyzstan.  2)  Purchase yurt.  Somehow I’m guessing this isn’t available on a realtor’s website.  3) Adopt a yak.  I’m not sure if I can just track down a wild one and win it over with my fabulous personality; that will require some research.
  4. How does this impact your life? (The thing you want to change)  In every way, I would think.
  5. How would your life be different from what it is today if this change occurred?  No more work.  No more stress.  No more nights all alone.  Just me and the yak, making sweet non-sexual love.


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11 thoughts on “G2K: Get 2 Know

  1. eirlysgwenllian says:

    😀 And what with your guinea pigs?! What’s their view on it? It sounds like a brilliant dream, I don’t know much about yaks but I think it could be nice to be friends with one, so I hope it will come true for you some day. My Swedish teacher visited Kyrgyzstan the last year we worked together and he was crazy about it and completely obsessed, and from what he told me, living in a yurt sounds incredibly interesting as well.

  2. Nat says:

    These questionnaires are so relaxing to read on your blog. You are slowly converting me to maybe trying my hand at answering the questions too.

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