All rise… being a P4J judge

I am a P4J judge badge

I got to be a judge in Revenge of Eve’s Photos for Journals (P4J) competition.


The winner has been announced for Revenge of Eve‘s Photos 4 Journals (P4J) competition!

It was pretty darn exciting to be asked to be a judge in the Photos 4 Journals (P4J) competition.  Every week, I got an email from the lovely Candace at Revenge of Eve with your amazing submissions for the week.  Each week I thought damn, how on earth am I going to narrow down my picks?  The judging criteria, i.e. the photo that evoked strong emotion, was very subjective, and how do I even begin to trust my subjective?  I’m glad I didn’t know who had submitted each photo, because who needs complications with an already difficult decision?

Candace has said that we judges will be getting some stationary goodies from her.  How often does a judge get to be a winner at the same time? Super cool!  Photos to come when I get that special something in the mail…

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