365 Days of gratitude

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I have been keep a daily gratitude log in my bullet journal, and so far I’ve only missed one day this year (because I was working nights and confused about what day it was).  I try to come up with something new each day, although I’m not always feeling creative enough for that, and some things I’m so grateful for that a single mention just isn’t enough.  Here are some of the things I’m grateful for that have made it into my journal so far:

  • the sun
  • the blue of the ocean
  • my amazing Grandma
  • lots of guinea pig behaviours: the way they beg for food, the noises they make, their funny sleeping positions, the games they play with each other, and of course their cuddliness
  • going for massages regularly
  • treats from Starbucks
  • my comfy cozy home
  • aromatherapy
  • blogging and the WordPress community
  • that I have a doctor I feel comfortable with
  • nights that I get lots of sleep
  • for the natural beauty I see right outside my window, including the birds nesting on my balcony in the spring
  • my friend who supports me even when I’m upset
  • a somewhat odd assortment of food, including pancakes, chocolate pudding, apple pie, baguette with brie cheese, and Raisin Bran
  • cozy socks and slippers to keep my feet warm
  • occasions when I’ve been able to help others

What are some of the things you’re grateful for?


Creating a bullet journal to support mental health: A how-to guide


The MH@H Store has a free how-to guide on creating a bullet journal to support your mental health.  My approach isn’t about artistry; the key is functionality.

24 thoughts on “365 Days of gratitude”

  1. I’m grateful for Starbucks too! I enjoy the chill atmosphere of their cafes and the light music they play. I just started paying for orders with paypal via their mobile app. It’s so convenient.

    Today I’m grateful for my heart. I have a fitbit watch and I like seeing the heart rate increase while I’m exercising which means I’m doing right by my body.

  2. Great list! I often write gratitude lists. I also find myself saying “Thank you” to the Universe many times a day. There’s so much to be grateful for. I just wrote a blog about Living a Grateful Life that I intend to post in a few days. Cool to see that we are so in sync!

  3. Good for you for keeping up with your gratitude in your journal! I totally stopped keeping mine, and I should probably get back to it.

  4. Many similar things to your list.
    I’m grateful for my husband who stands by me through everything, for my children who I know try their best despite difficulties, for the little warning light on my car that tells me I’m low on petrol, or the beeps that remind me to turn off the lights, rainbows, the way the sun filters through clouds like it’s beaming down from heaven, Ben & Jerry’s, ice cream generally, chocolate… too much to list!

    (I’m having another catching up on WordPress evening, you’ll probably get lots of notifications from me!)

  5. My Partner’s various cooking experiments have been some of the best things in my “reality” (I record good and bad both just so I won’t have dissociative holes in my memory) journal the past few months.

  6. Great list! I am grateful for many things but mostly for my ability to see: I am grateful to see my husband, children and dogs. I can see the beautiful planet we live on. I get to watch movies and observe animals. The ability to see is truly wonderful. 😊

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