The best things in life are free

shaggy yak
hbieser on Pixabay

The world is pretty darn expensive these days, especially when income is limited related to our mental illnesses. ย But there are some pretty cool things that can be done for free, and here’s a few that I’ve come up with:

  • You may wonder why I’ve chosen a shaggy yak picture to go along with this post โ€“ well, it’s because the internet allows you to find free photos of anything you could possibly want (and I mean who wouldn’t want a shaggy yak)
  • Speaking of the wonders of the internet, it allows you to learn about just about anything at no cost
  • Snuggling with animals
  • Reading (the local library is my go-to for books, and I love that my library has ebooks that can be checked out)
  • Writing
  • Watching nature
  • Thinking about the mysteries of the universe
  • Listening to things like raindrops falling, the wind blowing through the trees
  • People-watching
  • Walks in the sunshine
  • Daydreaming
  • Singing along to your favourite songs
  • Love (cue J.Lo song My Love Don’t Cost a Thing, but don’t cue the video because I find it annoying)

What are your favourite free things to do?


29 thoughts on “The best things in life are free”

  1. Oh, wow, what a great list!!

    I definitely, wholeheartedly agree with the Internet as being an invaluable resource. You can make friends online who you’d never in a million years meet otherwise, you can listen to a song on YouTube, you can exchange email correspondence, find great images of everything (that is a fabulous shaggy yak!), and do research for novel writing at wikipedia. LOVE the internet!!

  2. Awesome list. When it’s not a scorcher outside, I love to just sit in the park and take in the sounds of the birds and watch the squirrels run around like crazy. I also enjoy listening to relaxing music while I write. Although this part technically is not free, because I do buy them. I love reading quotes. But, I will only buy the books if they are marked down. LOL! I haven’t done this is a while, but I do enjoy the adult coloring books and coloring mandalas… this is a great way to de-stress. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I LOVE your shaggy Yak! I want one, along with a west highland cow … Personally, I like a good walk, strong coffee, a cuddle with a dog, anyoneโ€™s dog and a hug from my husband. …. those are the best for me. Katie x

  4. Built a fire in the firepit last night and listened to music. I also like the park, dog snuggles, bullet journaling, and the wonders of the internet. I actually found myself waking up this morning looking forward to doing some reading and blogging. It’s very unusual for me to wake up looking forward to anything.

  5. Walk in nature, laughs, learning new things whether reading a book, or from the Internet.
    Quiet times, or sleep if I need it.

  6. Oh yeah i also search free things to do โ™ฅ

    – Local library is my home, they have ebook too
    – Sing, i’m not the best, but I love it
    – watch the stars
    – the sound of the rain

      1. We have some growing over our fence at the moment. A couple of weeks ago I made jam with the blackberries and damsons that were in the freezer from last year. Blackberry and rhubarb jam is gorgeous (rhubarb from my garden).

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