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Revenge of Eve G2K - get to Know

It’s G2K – Get 2 Know – time over at Revenge of Eve.  This week’s questions:

  1. Do you have a secret crush? Famous or not:  I have a history of crushing hard, obsessively, and irrationally, and then later crashing messily.  My current crush is perhaps not really a crush in that it’s very different from my typical crushes, but I do have feelings about a guy that I haven’t shared with him.
  2. What is their code name? (pet name)  Nothing interesting, just A.
  3. Are they aware of your crush or existence?  We’re good friends.  Presumably he has some idea of my feelings, but he’s not always the most confident so he may not feel sure of that.
  4. How do you act or feel when they are around?  I feel like myself.  I feel more like my real self when I’m around him than I do at any other time.
  5. Would you pursue a relationship if it were possible?  What holds you back?  Sure.  But I’m kinda old-fashioned and I’m a firm believer that the guy should make the first move.  Yeah, it’s a stereotype, and it’s not as though I’m unwilling to drop plenty of hints, but I’m not keen on opening myself up to rejection.  And the nice thing about that particular stereotype is that guys know they’re expected to make the first move.  Maybe it sucks for them, but it is what it is.


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6 thoughts on “G2K – Get 2 Know

  1. searchingformyinnerzen says:

    I’m old fashioned in regards to my thinking around men making the first move to! I love reading that you feel yourself around “A” that’s a great sign for what could be a beautiful relationship 😊

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