Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I worked 4 night shifts this week and only had one client for my other job, and it all went smoothly.  I wonder, though, about people who leave a mess for their coworkers to clean up.  Did they grow up in a barn or do they just not give a shit?
  • Someone did something that upset me, but I was able to make a conscious choice to keep my reaction contained (as opposed to a shove it under the rug and ignore it choice).  That felt like progress.  Of course I later ended up ruminating about it for a few days, so there’s definitely still work to be done.
  • I’ve been craving sugar, and giving in to those cravings more than I probably should.  Ever since I had a big dip in my mood a few weeks ago I just haven’t cared enough to try to throw healthy food into my body.  I just want gummy bears.
  • I was reading through my WordPress reader and came across an article about the same topic I’d written a couple of weeks ago.  I started reading, and realized that most of the words were mine.  Entire paragraphs of words were mine, verbatim.  Now I’m totally cool with people reblogging my work or using an idea of mine to create their own post, but this was full on plagiarism.  And when I called the person out on it, they denied it.  The whole thing left a rather yucky taste, particularly because not only were they passing off my words as their own but also my thoughts, feelings, and experiences.
  • Went to yoga once and out for a few walks.
  • My weekend wrap-up posts come from my weekly summaries in my bullet journal. I had been including sections for goals and self-care, but I haven’t been keeping that up over the last few weeks.  It’s time for that to change, and today I wrote out my goals for next week.


That’s about it; it’s been a pretty quiet week for me.  How has your week been?



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  1. My weekend was okay. Unfortunately I had to report someone that’s neglecting my niece, who was adopted at age 6. I really hope they take her out of that home, as she is suicidal. The mom said well we do not believe in involving Medical Professionals and we are just going to pray for her.

      1. Tell me about it. As I have never had to call in before. She’s special needs and 28 years old now. Her environment is keeping her I’ll from what she’s told me.

          1. Me too. The family is going to get a lawyer. Can you Private message me please? Had something that I wanted to show you. You have an email or I can give you mine.

  2. I’ve been crater climbing… Got out, and then straight back in. Therapy today was good and encouraging but with a foot note to be kind to me. Do the same for you. ❤

  3. Wow, that thing with the plagiarism of your post is just awful and horrid. As for my weekend, it’s my name day today, I’ve spent it very well, Mum has made a gooseberry pie because of this. My parents are out tonight and so is my brother, my sis is on the camp so we have the house for ourselves with my little Misha, he’s sleeping for the entire day. I’ve been making use of being on my own, did a lot of stuff, but mostly just chilled out, and talked for quite a while with my pen pal from the UK on the phone, which was fun. So overall my weekend is going very well so far, despite not that good stat to this week and lots of rather low mood throughout the week.

    1. I didn’t really want to believe it at first, but then I looked at the posts side by side and realized it was at least 75% directly plagiarized. I’m not necessarily that observant, so a little bit of plagiarism I probably wouldn’t have even noticed.

  4. Oops, the screen froze and my comment disappeared. Plagiarism?! That’s horrible!! What is wrong with people!!

    Gummy bears arent’ the worst junk food, but I’ve got the same problem. All I want to eat is junk. We need a solution!!

    I think my week has been good…? My memory is so pitiful!! 😮

    1. Maybe the solution is to only eat gummy bears until they make us so sick that we’ll never want to go near candy again. Or switch to peanut butter cups. Or ice cream. Sigh…

  5. Hi Ashleyleia,

    I just went through the motions this week. I’m thankful there was very little for me to gripe and moan about :).

    I am sorry that someone plagiarized your work. Reblog is a thing. If that option isn’t available, just reach out to the author. Shaking my head.


  6. I am saddened to hear that your work was stolen. It makes me rather angry as well. Whomever took from you will be getting a delivery from the Karma truck at some point in the future. Count on it. <3

  7. The blog that blatantly plagiarized you need to be dealt with. As you said, they took your feeling, thoughts and experiences…that’s unforgiveable.

    Bad and sad stuff aside, this was a wonderful weekend wrap. I hope the rest of your weekend is lovely :).

  8. That really angers me that someone plagiarised your post as I can really appreciate the time and effort that goes in to getting a post up and published. I’m glad to read they did the right thing and took it down though 🙂

  9. The whole thing left a rather yucky taste, particularly because not only were they passing off my words as their own but also my thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

    Oh God, that sounds horrible. sighsighsigh, I don’t like this one bit :/

  10. I can’t believe someone would steal your work. That is beyond rude, wrong, and dishonest. Again, like you said, it’s one thing to reblog a person’s post out of appreciation and/or you want to share because it might help another. But to do what this person denies doing outright. Shame on them!!!

    1. It was hard to tell from the interaction I had with the person if they were playing dumb or if they really were completely clueless. But regardless, it wasn’t ok.

  11. Well done on setting some goals for next week, I too have drifted from goals and routine… it’s too easy, especially when your mood is low. Hope the goals help motivate you into eating a bit better. I start Mondays with good intentions but then life intervenes and I swear, it actually makes me pick up and eat the chocolate.

    And about the plagiarism, that’s shocking. I know you put so much effort into your posts and it must feel so hurtful to find that your words have been stolen.

    Take care lovely, and Happy Canada Day 🙂

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