G2K – Get 2 Know me

Revenge of Eve G2K

It’s G2K (Get 2 Know) day over at Revenge of Eve, a series of questions intended to bring the reader closer to their favorite bloggers.  This week’s questions:

  1. How would you say others perceive you?  Confident or insecure?  I think generally people perceive me as fairly confident.
  2. Are you confident or insecure?  I don’t know that I have an easy answer to this.  I’m confident in myself and my abilities when I’m well, but when I’m depressed I felt insecure about my limitations compared to when I’m well.
  3. If your answers to 1 & 2 are opposite, define your behaviors that make this so.  I tend to avoid the types of situations in which I would feel most insecure, so people don’t necessarily see that side of me often.
  4. Who do you attribute your confidence or low self-esteem to?  The insecurity comes from my illness, and the confidence probably comes from my parents.
  5. Write them a note in 20 words or less expressing your gratitude or feelings of injustice.  Mom and Dad, thank you for always believing in me.


7 thoughts on “G2K – Get 2 Know me

  1. easetheride says:

    I have the same answers to #1 and #2; I think that I tend to mask well in front of people who don’t know me, but the armor slips once I start to trust others. Interesting to consider where it all comes from and what makes us more able to project confidence. I think you have plenty of reasons to be confident, especially with your writing! x

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