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Book Review: After Suicide


In After Suicide, author Charlotte Underwood describes her journey following her father’s suicide.  The book also serves as a how-to guide to picking up the pieces after the suicide of a loved one, both practically and emotionally.  She shares the lessons she learned along the way, and speaks openly about some of the destructive coping strategies she turned to.  There were significant negative consequences in her own life as a result of her father’s suicide, and this serves as a good reminder that suicide never just affects the person who dies.

This book is very moving and has quite an intimate feel to it.  In the conclusion, Charlotte writes that the book is her way of reaching out a hand to support her readers, and this is very much what it felt like.  This short ebook is available as a free download and is well worth a read for anyone whose life has been touched by suicide in some way.

You can find Charlotte on her blog Charlotte Underwood.

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