Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • My mood has been better this week than last.
  • My self-care is still not great but improving.  I’m eating crap (like Pillsbury cookie dough straight out of the package) because I just don’t care enough to be bothered cooking.  I went for a massage but just wasn’t able to relax.
  • Work went ok.  Midweek I was driving to see a client at his home and I was thinking some pretty dark thoughts, but then when I got to his place I was able to turn on Nurse Jekyll and put the kibosh on Ms. Hyde.  I wish I could pull off that transformation in other contexts, but it seems confined to work.
  • Aside from work, it hasn’t been easy to interact with other people.  Earlier in the week I was dropping my car off to be serviced, and I felt really uncomfortable talking to the service advisor.  I couldn’t make eye contact and was having a hard time putting words together.  I felt very exposed, kind of like being out in the sun with a sunburn.
  • My home was getting sufficiently disgusting that it forced me off my ass to do some cleaning.
  • I’m giving myself credit for doing a gratitude entry in my journal every day this year, even on days when I felt like crap.
  • I did a continuing education webinar on the use of EMDR for PTSD.  Something I found really interesting is that while horizontal eye movements have been found to improve memory processing in “normal” people, there isn’t good evidence to say that the eye movement aspect specifically impacts the overall effectiveness of EMDR therapy for PTSD.
  • My surviving boy guinea pig seems pretty lost since his brother passed away a week ago, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to give him a new buddy.  He’s kind of a grumpy old man so he wouldn’t be able to tolerate another boy, and spayed females are few and far between since it’s a risky operation in guinea pigs.  So it’s up to me to give him lots of love.  His new favourite way to cuddle is tucked into my armpit.
  • As you likely know, there were 2 high-profile individuals who completed suicide this week.  I wasn’t very familiar with either of those people, but it still hit close to home.  I’m disappointed that the media reported on the means if suicide, especially since this particular method is one I’ve always found particularly disturbing.  It also gives me a bit of a yucky feeling that there’s a flurry of talk out there in the world when someone high-profile suicides, and then people don’t think about it again until the next celebrity suicide.  Probably it’s a good thing that people are talking, but I’m a little too cynical to believe that it will create any lasting change in people’s mindsets.


How has your week been?



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  1. AUTISM damnit. What we MEANT to say was, no one cares what you eat. Eat the shit out of that cookie dough (Or burnt Canadian Leggings).

  2. I went on a Ben & Jerry binge myself, eating a whole pint while doped up on Ambien last night. I woke up at 5:00 AM in the throes of regret, so I swallowed some of the pink stuff and then slept quite soundly. 🙂

    Nurse Jekyll, I like that. I know what you mean, ’cause I always feel pressure to act all cheery when I’m getting paid, ya know? It’s a lot of pressure, though!! 😮

    No, I had not known anyone killed themselves!! 😮 So sad!!

    I’m not “normal” by any means, but EMDR was very helpful to me. I have two particularly bad memories. The first was completely negated by the EMDR. The second needs a bit more work, but I don’t feel motivated enough to go track down an EMDR therapist again, ya know? I should, though. I didn’t do it with eye movement, but with tones in headphones (left, right) and similar pulses in my hands like a joy buzzer–not remotely painful, or anthing like that (left, right).

    I too got off my duff and cleaned my room, and it was great for morale. I just wish it would stay clean!!

    Sounds like we’ve had pretty good weeks!

  3. I sat and ate a whole bag of cinnamon bagels today (woops), managed to drag myself out of bed and write a few blog posts. I have accidently injured my foot so feel pretty crappy. on the plus side I made a few cards and coloured in today which was nice 😀

  4. I imagine your guinea pig is enjoying comfort with you, that he needs.
    Well done on writing things you are grateful for, in your journal. It may not feel like it at the time, but it will have helped some way. Maybe looking back on it as a reminder what you were grateful for.
    My week has got better as it’s gone on to the weekend. Probably because I am kind of accepting the possibility that I may have to go back on my blood pressure medication. I am hoping a blog post I started writing today, out of the blue, I will air tonight, otherwise tomorrow.

    I have had most of the day with mum after my morning shift at work. Planted Forget Me Nots that I grown from seed, in mum’s garden. These are those seeds that vet gave, when Miley passed away.

    Tomorrow will be a lazy day of dvds. ☺️

  5. Sounds like you’re making good steps forward at the moment. I also feel cynical about the reporting of celebrity suicides actually causing any change. It doesn’t normally feel like much happens weeks on from these things. I actually had a pretty bad week of horrendous tonsillitis but things are looking up now so I’m starting to get hopeful

  6. I bravely took on the task of keeping my niece (10) and nephew (6) for an entire week. I’ve never had them more than 2 nights. I cried because of how tired I was, and I happen to be violently throwing up for 3 of the 7 days. As stressful and frustrating as it was at times; I’ll remember it forever and look forward to doing it again.

  7. I’m glad I came across your blog today. I used to be able to put a face on for work but then I had some problems at work that couldn’t be resolved, and now I have no work …
    I’m having counselling at the moment and then I should be having some more CBT, and then see how I am with regards to PTSD and if I need further treatment.
    There are so many triggers and hotspots that my comfort zone is incredibly small right now as I avoid almost everything in the outside world. As a result I don’t take a lot of notice in the news. So, I’m aware of a few headlines, but not in great detail.
    Unfortunately that also means I miss the good stuff. I didn’t even know that the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant, so the day she gave birth was a real surprise to me!

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