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carpe diem spelled out in letter tiles
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I’ve enjoyed reading my whole life, and I’ve also loved words.  Some words I’ve only ever seen written so have no idea how to pronounce, and some words I have an idea of what they refer to but don’t really know the meaning.  I knew from Anne of Green Gables that “stout” was a word that referred to someone’s size, but I had thought it sounded like it would refer to a skinny person.

Here’s an assortment of words I enjoy.  Some I’ve learned from other bloggers.  Some are profane and some are obscure, but they’ve all got a certain somethin-somethin.

  • Fuck: one of the most versatile and expressive words there is
  • Unfuckwithable: ok, so this isn’t actually a word, but I’m borrowing this from Searching For My Inner Zen
  • Mellifluous: sweet sounding, soothing
  • Cacophony: a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds; Revenge of Eve is with me on loving this one
  • Tenebrosity: the quality of being dark or shadowy
  • Cockamamie: I actually used this once in a blog post and was quite pleased with that
  • Heebie-jeebiesas in creepy crawlies give me the heebie jeebies
  • Onomatopoeia: a word that sounds like what it refers to
  • Kerfuffle: this has an onomatopoeic flavour to it
  • Shit: almost as versatile as fuck
  • Superfluous: unnecessary
  • Concatenation: a series of interconnected things
  • Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: fear of long words – thanks to My Loud Bipolar Whispers for this one
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: I know, I know, it’s not a real word, but I wanted to throw this in because in grade 4 I was the only student in the class that could spell this.  Why that stuck in my memory I’m not really sure, but I guess we’ve all got to be proud of something.

What are some of your favourites?



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35 thoughts on “Wonderful words”

  1. I say “Oh, Crap” over “Oh, Shit” more so because my parrot Peanut repeats everything I say. I love, tranquility and serenity because I’m always in search of that. But, to be honest… Fuck comes out a lot, that I say muffled when around my bird. LOL! 🙂
    I gotta say, I enjoyed reading your list of choice words.

  2. Words and word games… scrabble! And boggle. Played that for hours by myself. Hangman too! Now i must think what a fav word or two of mine would be? … yours all sound swell to the ear. 💜

  3. I love your Anne of Green Gables context issue! My issue was always with pronunciation! Maybe ’cause I’m half deaf, I always misread everything. In Little House on the Prairie, I thought the sisters were Law-ra (nor Lore-a), and Cari (like a car, which I now know isn’t how you pronounce Carrie). I thought Stephen was Steffen. I could go on and on. Yet I kept reading! And so did you! Go us!

    OMG! I could spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious too!! Great minds!! I lost the spelling bee, though, with jack-o’-lantern. Darned apostrophe!!

    Here’s a great word for you! Anatidaephobia. It’s the fear that somehow, and at all times, a duck is watching you.


      1. Ooh, that would be pretty!! LIke your middle name!! Did you ever watch the TV program with Sara Stanley and Aunt Hetty?

        1. Oh no!! You missed out!! It was called Avonlea (or Road to Avonlea in Canada), and it was so freakin’ good. Awww!!

  4. ‘Unfuckwithable’ has me baffled, what’s the meaning..?
    Cockamamie is a brilliant word and so very, very underused! Definitely points to you for including it in a post!! x

  5. Hey you…..the list made me smile…Heebie newbies..
    I am now starting to understand what a lot of words mean. And i have my own meanings…beleiving in which I have lived for 50 years. Now you tell me it means something else!

    Chutzpah….do crazy. Luckily for me…”chut” is a cuss word in hindi language. Its a bad word. I donno the meaning.

  6. Loving this Ashley
    Some pretty great words there… obviously ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ are two of the most satisfying when it comes to expression of ones agitation but where I come from in the South of England they are actually words that are slipped into everyday sentences almost to prop up the other words rather than add emphasis hahaha
    One of the words i’ve always loved is ‘Verbose’ – the tendency to use many words when only a few are required xxx

  7. I’m not even sure what my favorite word is, but sometimes in conversations I will just start listing synonyms until I get the word with the right tone. Which this week I have learned causes my 10 year old niece great frustration because “they all mean the same thing!!!” They are different child and you will learn that one day!

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