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Book review: Should I Have Told You That?

book cover: Should I have told you that by Liz Lea

In Should I have Told You That?: A Memoir, Liz Lea doesn’t pull any punches; she sets the tone for this early on, writing that her grandmother hated her, and it was mutual.  The book is written in a chatty tone, kind of like you might expect if you sat down with someone and they were regaling you with tales of their adventures (not to mention misadventures).  The short chapters help make it easy to read.

The author shares her struggles with multiple health issues, in particular bipolar disorder and chronic severe migraines (and throw in some hypothyroidism for good measure).  These had a significant impact on her level of functioning, and led to major changes in her life compared to the escapades of her early 20’s.  She shares about her multiple hospitalizations for bipolar disorder, as well as the long and difficult road, involving countless ER visits, to find safe and effective treatment for her debilitating migraines.  Despite it all, though, in this book she demonstrates that she has been able to move forward with recovery.

Much like how someone might tell their life story verbally, the book jumps around temporally; as a reader, I found this made it a little hard to follow at times.  Overall, however, the book feels like it gives the reader a genuine look into Liz’s life, with nothing being held back or prettified for publication.  This is real life.


I Should Have Told You That is available on Amazon.


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