Revenge of Eve's Get 2 Know G2K

It’s time for another round of Get 2 Know (G2K) over at Revenge of Eve.  This week’s questions are:

  • Who would you meet had you the chance? Maybe Queen Elizabeth.  She’s been up close and personal with so much of what’s happened in the world in the last 90 years.
  • What is your favorite sport? Being Canadian, I’ve got to go with hockey.
  • Where do you plan to retire? It’s less a where than a what.  A hobby farm, with chicken and sheep and guinea pigs.
  • When were you last happy? I don’t remember.
  • How do you define happiness? A sense of purpose and hope.
  • Why is self-care so important? Because no one else is going to take care of us.

Journal prompt: Write a hello to the person you chose to meet.

I don’t meet anyone these days because I hate people, so “hello; goodbye” is about all I would typically say.


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