Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • For self-care, I went to yoga once, had a massage, and went out for coffee a couple of times.
  • Sleep was not great this week.
  • I worked at both of my jobs this week.  One went smoothly.  My other job I only work nights because it’s the only way I can handle the bullshit factor, and I worked Wednesday and Thursday night.  The person I was working with is great, but there were some other assorted elements of the workplace shitstorm that jumped out of the woodwork to bite me in the ass and make me feel shitty.
  • I only did one 30min writing session for the 2nd version of my trauma account. Avoidance is really ramping up and next week I want to put some effort into pushing through that.
  • I think the monster that would normally eat socks in the dryer has taken up residence in my vacuum cleaner.  I vacuumed up a ton of hay the guinea pigs had kicked up out of their cage.  Then I was going to empty the canister thing that holds the vacuumed up dirt, and there was no hay to be found.  At that point it was a mystery that needed to be solved, so I took all the pieces apart.  No hay.  Mystery unsolvable other than pinning it on the dryer/vacuum monster.
  • I get frustrated easily when I’m trying to explain things to people and they don’t get it.  It depends partially on the context; I’m very patient with clients in my work as a nurse, but I get very frustrated dealing with nursing students who sometimes aren’t all that bright.  I’ve been helping a friend who’s in nursing school right now and sometimes, such as this week, I just want to shake this person to make them engage the brainpower that I’m pretty certain they do actually have.  I try not to direct my frustration outward for the other person’s sake, but then it just ends up bubbling away inside of me.  I try to remind myself that it’s not actually my problem, but at the same time this person is my friend and I want them to do well.


How has your week been?


14 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. My week was…. hilarious, what with the whole “facebook experience” issue. 😀

    I feel your frustration with the nursing students who aren’t trying hard enough!! AARGH!!

  2. Sounds like a bit of an up and down week for you. Mine’s not been great, I’ve been pretty ill and had an essay deadline. But on the positive side I got my final essay in for the year 🙂

  3. My week has been overall pretty good. Lots of running and writing!
    I understand your frustration with the student, I have the same feelings about my kids much of the time… please can they just think before speaking!

    Hope this week is good to you x

  4. About you wanting the get past the avoidance thing have you tried the bit by bit method? where you tell yourself ‘ok just get out the bed. that’s all you need to do today’ then when you’re up and walking past the washroom ‘well since i’m up might as well wash my face’ and bit but bit operate on a might-as-well mechanism? I heard a youtuber talk about it and it’s quite nice x

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