If I’ve ignored you lately, it’s WordPress’s fault

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WordPress annoys me from time to time, but this time they’ve outdone themselves.  I think many of us have experienced legit comments ending up in our comments spam folder.  I just discovered that over the last month or so WordPress has been sending legit comments not just to my comment spam folder but also the trash folder.  I’ve come to accept that I need to check my spam folder recently, but I never thought to check the trash folder.  Argh!!!!!  There’s a shot of my computer screen below so you can see what I mean about the different comment folders.


So if I’ve ignored your comments, it was because WordPress threw them in the trash.  Damn you, WordPress!  And what further annoys me is that, like you can see in the shot above, there’s no way to respond to comments when they’re in the trash, so now I have to manually go back over the last month of comments to find them so I can respond.  I am so not impressed right now.


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21 thoughts on “If I’ve ignored you lately, it’s WordPress’s fault

  1. Meg says:

    Yikes!! I’ve had some issues with WP too. It doesn’t tell me when someone replies to a comment of mine, so I always click if they “liked” the comment to see. That may be my fault with my settings, though. Hmm….

  2. yarnandpencil says:

    That’s happened to me too. I’ve also found that WordPress unfollow s me from some blogs…very strange.
    Apologies as I’ve not been around much lately 💐

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