Maybe Stigma-Stupidity is Contagious?

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I’ve done a couple posts before about the wild and wacky questions and answers on Quora, a free-for-all of stupidity interspersed with a few brave souls trying inject a little bit of accurate information into the mix.  Here are some of the gems I’ve seen recently:

Question: Are mental illnesses like depression contagious?

Answer (from someone who claims to be a “fully qualified psychotherapist):

Depression is a man made illness. Yes, it can be contagious due to the fact we are empathetic (for the most part discounting psychopaths etc).
Depression does not work as a medical disease i.e. it can not be caught by breathing the air, but it can be caught by emapthising [sic] with others blight [sic].

Depressed people also generally will not express anger correctly and as such turn it inward on themselves rather than having a conflict which will promote change. If a group of people feel this powerlessness then that depression will spread quickly.

Another answer: Depression has a physical cause. Mostly depression is caused by the high amount of sugar people eat, as well as the “other” forms of sugar like high fructose corn syrup, and fast absorbing carbs like white bread. People who eat well and exercise, can deal with most issues, and the little stress that a person may encounter when having to listen to someone’s problems, is easy to deal with.

Question: When a person who’s schizophrenic looks in a mirror can they sometimes see the other other personalities?  How different do they actually look?

Question: Do psychiatric drugs cause chemical castration?

Question: Is shoplifting tied to Abilify or schizophrenia?

Question: Would mental health checks once every 5 years for gun owners help prevent the mass shootings epidemic?

Question: Should we not allow those with mental health histories to drive, since they may run over someone?

AnswerI couldn’t resist giving my own snarky answer to this one:  Maybe we shouldn’t allow anyone who’s human to drive, since they may run over someone.

Question: Why are schizophrenics so reluctant to take their medicine when doing so would make them “normal”?

Question: Are schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder a side effect of demonic possessions?

Question: How do people with serious depression die?

Answer: I won’t repeat the exact answer, but some jackass decided to graphically describe all the various people he knows of and exactly how the committed suicide.  And why do they do this, pray tell?  Well, here’s this dumbass’s brilliant answer:

Depressed people have immune system issues. Their immune system is up and down continually and thus many people have almost constant flu, fevers, infections, bowel issues, skin diseases, etc, for which “medical science” seems to have no cure. Despondent, these people find their own cure, usually with a pill overdose washed down with alcohol. We must forgive and pity them.

So given the rampant stupidity out there in the world, I’m thinking that maybe one strategy for fighting stigma might developing some kind of IQ booster that can be aerosolized and sprayed over the world at large.  Is that too much to ask?

You can find more like this in gems of ignorance from Quora and more from Quora on mental health.

Stop the stigma of mental illness - graphic of a red phoenix

There’s more on mental illness stigma on the Stop Stigma page.

29 thoughts on “Maybe Stigma-Stupidity is Contagious?”

  1. People say ignorance is bliss but nah. it’s a hell of a scapegoat tho. Loved this piece btw! From your intro, i assume this is a series hmm? Hope to read more posts like this if so! and followed you, duh. Your content is really very interesting xx

  2. Oh, God! That demonic possessions one hits way too close to home! My mother used to swear my depression was just demons. I mean, she still does. LoL AGH! So frustrating.

  3. 😮 Wow, that’s some offensive stuff! Reminds me of this book my sister had out on her coffee table one Christmas morning. It was written by an FBI criminal profiler. Dangerous Personalities by Joe Navarro. He writes about how policemen need to watch out for paranoiacs, because they’re all wielding their AK-47s and ready to take out law enforcement over a simple traffic stop. On behalf of paranoiacs everywhere, I was highly offended. (I’m starting to suspect, a few years later, that my sister put that book out knowing it’d vex me.)

    1. Yeah, forget about the fully if touch with reality but hateful and evil folks toting their AKs, they’re not going to hurt anyone….

  4. Agh! This makes me mad. But at least some people are asking questions, trying to find out if these things are true or not…instead of just living their lives assuming stuff… :/ I hope someone gave them good answers. Maybe I’ll have to make a quora account.

  5. Seems like someone got DID and schizophrenia mixed up. Just another reason awareness is so important, because many people don’t even know what these illnesses look like, which makes them these big scary monsters. Ugh, why people choose to make misguided comments on topics they don’t know anything about I will never understand.

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