It’s bucket list time

Bucket filled with balloons
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I don’t know that I’ve ever actually written down a bucket list before.  It was probably around age 20-ish that I started ticking things off my nebulous bucket list: got a tattoo, went skydiving, bungee jumped, started travelling.  Travelling became my greatest passion, and even though the current depressive haze has taken away some of the lustre, it’s still going to be the focus list of the bucket list I try to build today.

  • Eat pasta and tiramisu and drink espresso in Italy
  • See the Sistine Chapel
  • Cheese-tasting at a farm in France
  • Walk along the Great Wall of China
  • Visit Lhasa, Tibet
  • Visit Stonehenge and come up with my own theory of why it was built
  • Visit the Galapagos Islands
  • I’ve already done yurt-camping in Kyrgyzstan, but I’d like to repeat the experience in Mongolia
  • Visit Maghdouche, Lebanon, where my great-grandmother (and middle-namesake) was born
  • Go to Timbuktu (yes, it’s a real place, in Mali)
  • Go gorilla-watching in Rwanda
  • See the aurora borealis
  • Chow down in New Orleans
  • Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef
  • Pretend to be a farmer and milk a cow and shear a sheep
  • Stay in an ice hotel
  • Watch sea turtles laying eggs
  • Hang out with a yak

What’s on your bucket list?



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44 thoughts on “It’s bucket list time”

  1. Oh my. I haven’t heard of some of these places but I wanna go with you!! Wouldn’t that be neat? For sure when you come to New Orleans, I will be your tour guide.

  2. I’ll come hang out with a Yak with you. I love your list. I don’t really have a bucket list, but definitely, I would like to go hang out in Tahiti for a while.

  3. Mine is down to two things which are both a bit unrealistic as they require a substantial amount of money. 1. Be the oldest man to win the Isle of Man bike race and the other is to win the Backgammon World Championship.

  4. That is a fantastic list. I want to watch gorillas and go to New Orleans with you I am pacing my bag now That is a great idea to make a bucket list. I have a small bucket list in my head but I have never written it down or thought long and hard about it. Maybe I will contemplate it more. My small bucket list is 1.Be the best grandma ever (I am looking forward to grandchildren)
    2. Go to New York City and see Broadway shows.
    Go to New York and watch the US Open tennis tournament ( I love tennis – watching and playing) 3. Go to England to watch and watch Wimbledon tennis tournament. That’s it for now form the top of my head. Maybe I will come up with a better one, but I like my list. If I accomplish this list I will make a longer one. Thank you for the idea. Hugs, Sue

  5. What a wonderful list! I may add this to my list of posts that I’d like to write in the future. I’ve never heard of an ice hotel, where is it and what is it supposed to be like? It sounds like it would be quite the experience!

    1. They do an ice hotel in Quebec City every winter, and I think there’s a few in Sweden and/or other Scandinavian countries. I’m not sure of the logistics, but they carve it out of a big block of ice every winter. Not sure what the toilet situation is…

  6. Heck if I ever leave the country I think my bucket list would be in shock lol. I feel like there is always something to add to my list. I have been trying to actually check items off my list now that I am not burdening myself with so much fear. One of my biggest bucketlist items is tracing my family history in person. I dont think I would be able to afford the entire thing, but any of it would be awesome!

  7. I love you list, can I just come and join you? LOL! 🙂
    I never gave it much thought of what and where I want to go and/or do. I would love to eventually move to Florida to take care of my Mom. That’s my biggest part of a bucket list I have.

  8. Great bucket list! I’ve never been out of the continental US. Never left the country. Never even been up to NYC. You’ve inspired me to put that on my bucket list–visit another country!

    I’d also like to have a great romantic relationship.

    And…hmm… become a famous writer.

    And… lose fifty pounds.

    1. NYC is worth including on the bucket list – and who knows, maybe travelling is where that great romantic relationship might get started! My parents met in a fishing village in Greece of all places. Romantic story, even though they themselves are totally unromantic…

        1. It’s definitely a romantic idea, but I would need to substitute two very different people into the story. I’ve never even seen my parents hug or kiss.

  9. Oh. Also, I’m not sure if it qualifies, but we have a local alpaca you could hang out with. A few of them, actually. They come to the farmer’s market across the street (which I slept through today) and show off their wool. I hope you find a yak!! Great goal!

      1. You are absolutely correct. The reef and glaciers are diminishing too quickly. I went to the Everest Region in October last year and was shocked to learn that the melt rate there is 48 feet per year!

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