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Revenge of Eve is sending What’s Your Favorite (#wyf) off to happy retirement land, and the SS G2K is chugging out of the harbor.

Get 2 Know

Who does the cleaning in your home?  I live alone, so either I do it or it doesn’t get done!

What pets do you have? I have 5 guinea pigs.

When did you have your first boyfriend/girlfriend?  Not til I was 22.  I had some short flings before that, but at 22 was the first actual boyfriend.

Where do you live?  Vancouver, Canada.

How did you decide on your career?  I always wanted to work in health care.  I studied pharmacy first because that’s what my residence advisor was studying when I was in first year.  I decided it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life, and around the time I was set to graduate from my pharmacy a friend of mine was studying nursing and really liking it, so that’s how I fell into nursing.  Clearly I’m pretty suggestible.

Why do you blog?  I find both writing and engaging with the blogging community to be very therapeutic.



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