The Inside My Head Tag

The inside my head tag

Anita at Discovering Your Happiness tagged my in her cool new tag, Inside My Head.


  • Thank & tag the person that has tagged you
  • Attach the tag photo
  • Answers the ‘This or THAT questions
  • Tag a 10-20 friends.

Ok, so here we go.  I’ll warn you, my answers don’t really go along with the fun spirit of the tag:

  • How do I feel at the moment?
    • Tired.  I cleaned both the boy and girl guinea pig cages earlier and it was exhausting!
  • What do I need more in my life?
    • Pleasure.
  • What would make me happy right now?
    • I wish I knew.
  • What is going right in my life?
    • Blogging
  • What am I most grateful for? List 10 things.
    • Cookie, Oreo, Casper, Zippy, and Squeaky (my guinea pig children)
    • my home
    • blogging
    • sunshine
    • that I’m ok financially
  • When did I experience joy this week?
    • I’m not sure that I did.
  • List a small victory/success?
    • I’m sure there were some, but nothing’s jumping to mind at the moment.
  • What is bothering me & why?
    • Hmm, where would I even start?  Family is definitely up there, because I just can’t seem to relate to them.
  • What are my priorities at the moment?
    • My mental health.
  • What do I love about my self?
    • That I’m a geek
  • Who means the world to me & why?
    • No one.
  • If I could share one message with the world, what would it be?
    • Mental illness is real.
  • What advice would I give to my younger self?
    • Enjoy every day that you can.
  • What lesson did I learn this week?
    • Don’t put too much water in guinea pig powdered food mix.
  • If I had all the time in the world, what would I do first?
    • I feel like I have the time, but not the interest to do things.
  • Whats draining my energy?
    • Does living count?
  • What does my ideal morning look like?
    • Getting up early and drinking lots of tea.
  • What does my ideal day look like?
    • Sitting on my balcony on a sunny summer day.
  • What makes me come alive?
    • Playing with my guinea pigs.
  • What/who inspires me the most?
    • Fellow bloggers
  • Where does my pain originate?
    • That would depend on what kind of pain, but in general, it comes down to depression.
  • What are my strengths?
    • Intelligence, organization
  • What is something I’ve always wanted but too scared to get?
    • I don’t know that I’ve ever wanted anything that scared me.
  • What is something I would love to learn?
    • To speak another language, but I don’t think I’d actually be motivated to do it unless it was in my face regularly.
  • Where would I want to live my ideal life?
    • Where I am now is fine.
  • Where would I like to travel in the next 5 years?
    • The places that were next up on my list were Slovenia, Croatia, Nepal, and Tibet, but I’ve pushed those to the back burner and I think Italy will be next.
  • What can I do to take better care of myself?
    • Get more physical activity
  • What hobbies would I like to try?
    • None that I can think of.
  • When have I done something that I thought I couldn’t do?
    • Probably at one point I thought I couldn’t travel alone, but I have.
  • At the end of my life, what do I want my legacy to be?
    • I won’t be around anymore, so people can think what they want, which probably won’t be much of anything.

I found this tag kind of challenging, because I’m not in a great headspace at the moment.   Depression piped up with quick negative response to a lot of questions, while other questions I just had a hard time coming up with any answers at all. I could have waited until another time to do this, but then again there’s some value in just being genuine even in the not-so-pretty moments.

Rather than tag anyone specific, I’ll invite anyone who’s interested to jump right on in.


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10 thoughts on “The Inside My Head Tag

  1. Discovering Your Happiness says:

    I loved this <3 I am so happy you still did this in your negative mindset bc we go to see the real you <3

    Try & do this again when you are in a better mindset <3 I would love to see how different the answers are.

    I hoe you're feeling okay – Thinking of you <3

  2. eirlysgwenllian says:

    Loved your answers. Being pretty much in the negative mindset lately myself I could relate to a lot of things. I really appreciate your genuineness, what I would probably do would be I’d wait until I’d be more positive and then do the tag, so I love how you did it right away showing us the real and present state of your mind.

  3. thebarefootsub says:

    I’m sorry you’re struggling at the moment, and I hope facing the positives in your life has given you a little boost towards wellness again.

    I love this tag, count me in 😘

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