Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week.

  • I worked very little this week.
  • My body hasn’t been all that happy with me.  I’ve been dizzy, which my massage therapist thinks might be related to tension in my neck.  I’ve gotten out for walks most days but I get tired quickly and am pretty slow-moving.
  • It has been nice and spring-like, and it’s so much easier to be mindful when there are birds singing and tree blossoms and flowers.
  • My goal was to finish reading the book Radical Acceptance, and I did that (look out for a review coming soon).
  • Had my regular weekly massage, and went to one yoga class.
  • Made some progress in reframing a trigger word, and felt good about that accomplishment.
  • Both my optometrist and my massage therapist casually asked how work is going.  I gave short bland answers, but it’s something that tends to stir up a lot of shit for me, because my current situation is very much limited by the bully who tried his damnedest to destroy my career.
  • Speaking of which…  I did my first 2 writing sessions on the second version of my trauma account.  It’s both easier and harder at the same time.
  • I got a phone call from the SPCA asking for a donation.  I used to make regular donations, and I’ve adopted all my guinea pigs from them.  I didn’t know how to get off the phone.  The lady blathered away for a while, then asked for money.  I said no, I can’t.  She then kept right on talking, but all I could think of was how the heck I was going to extricate myself.  The solution that came to mind was to just hang up.  So that’s what I did.  And fine, that’s the best option I could come up within that moment, but I wish a more polite option could have felt more available.
  • Had another reminder of how far apart my parents and I have grown.  It makes me feel very tired.

So that’s about it.  How has your week been?



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  1. My week has been bad. I fear all of my friends have lost interest in me. Also, I tried to cheer up a teenager who had a sports accident, and I think I said all the wrong things. In good news, my mom came over for a visit and we had fun. She’s coming back tomorrow! 🙂

  2. My week has been hard overall, but I’m proud of myself because I finally got through the whole exam session and soon there’ll be the end of this school year, the last for me happily. I am very anxious about my finals thugh, which are still to come, but try to not overthink about it, with varying effectivity. Hope you’ll have a nice next week. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you’ve had a tough week, but there are some positives in there… if you find yourself dwelling on the negatives remember how nice it is to be outside with the sound of birdsong.
    My week has been hectic, it started with me feeling stressed and headachy but as I got through each appointment I relaxed more. By yesterday I was possibly the happiest I’ve felt in a long time! I’m going with it while it lasts!
    Hope you have a good day tomorrow xx

  4. I have had a good week thank you, except for really being in pain with my feet now, due to my work shoes. They came off Friday before shift finished and I wore my own. I shall be wearing my own shoes until more suitable ones are sought, unless when this is raised at meeting, I get to opt out. I am not alone in this at work. My colleagues have had issues with their past work shoes as well as these current ones.
    Even if I find a comfy shoes, I still think I will be restricted because of the steel cap toe.

    Sorry to hear you feel far apart from your parents. x

  5. I have had an extremely busy week. It is almost as though I am on autopilot. I am ready for Monday!

  6. That’s really generous how you donated so much money to SPAC; I wouldn’t worry about the hanging up part. Sometimes you just need to walk away from pushy people. Glad you are protecting your heart.

  7. My week’s been okay. Still recovering and I’m trying to avoid doing anything heavy. I’m happy for your accomplishments! Hang in there; things will get better soon. 🙂

  8. I’ve also had problems hanging up on cold callers, usually people trying to sell me something, but also my old college doing fundraising. I didn’t enjoy my time at university, so I have little inclination to give to them.

    1. Cold calling is so intrusive, and if anything makes me less likely to buy something or give money. I guess I should just be glad that I don’t get those kinds of calls very often.

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