10 thoughts on “Creating a Trauma Account: An Update”

  1. Hi Ashley! I’m new to your blog and looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future. It sounds like your trauma account is very much a worthwhile process. I can so relate to your challenge to internalise a more positive message about worthiness. This is one of the main things, if not the main thing, I’ve had to confront in my own mental health journey. Thanks for sharing your experience with what must have been a very confronting process at times.

  2. You’re doing an awesome, brave thing. And, like my new T said to me, so you have had another person tell you, “you’re worthy. Your worth doesn’t decrease based on things that’ve happened to you.” Also, I just happen to think you’re pretty great… so there’s that.

  3. I am so happy I am finally catching up on reading your post. This was very interesting, and I never did this when I was in therapy before. I think I need to take the time and do this myself. Thank you for sharing this technique with me, as well as other readers. You’re the best! 🙂

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