My Fav – word!

What's your favorite tag#wyf word

It’s What’s Your Favorite (#wyf) day over at Revenge of Eve, and this week’s theme is fav word.  Like Eve, I’m going with two picks, a G-rated one and an R-rated one.

The G-rated word is superfluous.  In my head I like to think of it as super-FLEW-us because that sounds more fun.

The R-rated word is fuck.  It’s got to be the most versatile, expressive word in the English language.  If I drop something on my foot, motherfucker is the first word out of my mouth.  Motherfucker can also be a positive thing: he’s one sexy-ass motherfucker.  If something is an unmitigated disaster, as much as I like the word unmitigated I would rather say it’s a clusterfuck.  It can describe sexual escapades of all sorts, or the various things you think someone should do to themselves rather than fucking with you.  It can be a very good thing to be unfuckwithable.  You see what I mean?  Best word ever.



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