The Song-Off!

Bipolar Barb has challenged me to a song-off!  I’ve decided to do an all Top Gun soundtrack theme.

The Rules:
• Choose a song that beats the nominators choice…doesn’t matter if its a cover, its about performance, lyrics and feeling the groove! Name it!
• Nominate 3 fellow bloggers (let them know you’ve challenged them).
• Add the previous song choice so that bloggers can see how it compares to what you’ve picked to beat it.
• Add a fourth genre to the mix (the idea is that the nominee picks three out of the 4 genres to song-off with you) adding to the variety.

Genre 1: Soul

Barb’s choice: Barry White – “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Baby”

Gotta love Barry White!

My Top Gun choice: Otis ReddingSittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

Genre 2: Love Song

Barb’s choice: Whitney Houston — “I Will Always Love You”

This song always reminds me of The Bodyguard – so bad, but at the same time so good.

My Top Gun choice: BerlinTake My Breath Away

Genre 3: Grunge

Barb’s choice: Nirvana — “All Apologies”

I admit this is not even remotely grunge, but I’ll throw out a Top Gun favorite: Kenny LogginsDanger Zone

Bonus Genre: Songs for serenading

You guessed it, The Righteous Brothers – You’ve Lost That Lovin Feeling (and I think this warrants a Youtube embed).

Rather than passing the challenge to anyone specific, I’ll say whoever feels like it should join in.  And if you do, I challenge you to use a movie soundtrack.  Have fun!

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