Monthly Mix – March

Revenge of Eve

Revenge of Eve is kicking off a monthly mix including her affirmations and Wednesday words of the day.  I’m going to join in the fun, so here we go!

When you combine an ailurophile brother and a guinea-pig-o-phile sister (aka me) and their familes, you get quite the assemblage of little critters.  Twies the cat boldly roams around looking for things to chew, from bamboo to aglets.  The guinea pigs are far less brave and prefer to snuggle under their fleecy blanket, which is their most valuable possession.  After a nice visit with everyone on their best behaviour, the critters are all worthy of some yummy treats.

Twies the cat sitting in a laundry basketthe guinea pigs  begging for food

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3 thoughts on “Monthly Mix – March

  1. Grateful Single Mom says:

    Very cool! One of our guinea pigs was actually very brave (well, by guinea pig standards). She liked to play with the cat and would come running to the cage door every time someone passed. 😁

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