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Spread Your Writing Wings – Share Your Mental Health Story

So, you’re loving writing your own blog but you’re looking to try something new and expand further out into the world?  Well, there’s actually a lot of opportunities to do just that, so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been able to find.  Finding the courage to share your mental health story is an important way to participate in the fight against stigma.

There are lots of sites that publish guest posts related to mental health; some are looking for your personal stories, while others are open to writing focused on various mental health topics.  There are blogs on WordPress where you can do this, but here I’m going to focus on sites outside of WordPress.  My impression is that you don’t have to be an experienced blogger or have lots of followers to get a guest post published; what matters is writing something that will resonate with people.

  • Buddy Project: share your story as part of the You Are Not Alone campaign
  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Life Unlimited feature: you can submit a request to be featured; submissions should focus on what the early indications were of your illness, what you’ve had to overcome, or what you’ve learned about yourself
  • GoodTherapy: personal experience, story must be 500+ words and original work
  • I am 1 in 4: tell your story; prompts are provided to help give you ideas
  • The Mighty:  The Mighty is a very popular site with some amazing content
  • Mind: This UK-based mental health charity gives you the opportunity to share your story on their site in blog or vlog format, and offers lots of guidance on how to go about it and what to write about.
  • Mind of Our Own: lets you share your mental health story in whatever form you wish; can be anonymous
  • NoStigmas: share your voice in the fight against stigma
  • Open Minds Quarterly: share the experience of life with mental illness, in various forms including non-fiction, fiction, or poetry
  • Respect Yourself: publishes guest blog posts related to mental wellness in youth
  • SANE: this UK-based mental health charity has monthly blogging themes
  • Time to Change: publishes personal stories geared to the general public with the aim of changing people’s views of mental illness

It’s easy to stay in my comfort zone and write for my own blog, but I’m glad that I’ve pushed myself to try new things   There’s a fear of rejection that goes along with submitting a guest blog, but that’s probably good practice.  Hopefully, it will help move me forward towards my goal of submitting more work to academic journals.  And really, any excuse to write is a good thing.

You can find more posts about writing on the Blogging & Writing Tips page, and more on stigma on the Stop Stigma page.

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31 thoughts on “Spread Your Writing Wings – Share Your Mental Health Story”

  1. Congratulations on all those pieces being accepted! That’s awesome! Thank you for this comprehensive list of places to submit articles. I’ll be checking them out as I go along… I can see articles as definitely great writing experience that helps with the bigger projects.

  2. This is a great list of resources. Great job compiling them!! I might check them out!

    I wonder if the suicide organization would like me to blog about the time I called them. I was suicidal, and I got into a huge argument with the suicide operator. Today, years later, it seems freakin’ hilarious. I was having a hard time doing her guided visualization, and I complained about it.

    She said, “Well, you have to work with me. Now try harder! You have a bad attitude.”

    And I yelled, “I’m suicidal! What’s your excuse?”

    I guess I told her. 😀

  3. That is an awesome list. I’m going to try to look into this. Thank you very much for sharing this. I published five articles in The Mighty. If I can do it, you can for sure do it. You should check it out. It is pretty easy and straight forward to do. 😊❤👍Hugs, Sue

      1. Thank you . I told you about my articles because I am hoping you will try to get an article or ten published. You can do it. You are an amazing writer and are very talented. Again, if I can do it you can do it even easier. Happy Saturday. Hugs, Sue

      1. That’s what I’ve done for the couple I’ve submitted. Thanks for your take! I wanted a second opinion to see if I was creating too much work for myself or not. 😁

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