Infused water: the ultra-lazy version


i’ve seen lots of posts about infused water and have been meaning to try it for some time now.  Finally I’ve gotten around to doing it, and what spurred me to action was an idea for being ultra-lazy about it.  Frozen bags of bite-size chunks of fruit and berries.  I know that doesn’t sound particularly earth-shattering, but it means I can keep a stash in my freezer, pour some into a pitcher whenever I feel like it, top with water, and I’ve got myself a yummy treat.  Currently I’ve got a bag of mixed strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and peaches on the go.  So yummy.  So easy.


Image credit: Nawalescape on Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Infused water: the ultra-lazy version

  1. Revenge of Eve says:

    I used to grow mint and it multiplies like wild fire so I’d began using it in my water, year’s ago. The lemon and lime is amazing for balancing out your ph levels which a lot of people ignore. It is best to squeeze the citrus fruit. As far as it effecting your teeth, it only does so if biting into it. It wears the enamel down. I use mint, lemon and orange in mine. Never thought to add honey but sounds amazing from just looking at the picture. If you ever get the energy cut and freeze your own fruits. They keep well.

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