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It’s what’s your favorite day over at Revenge of Eve, and this weeks #wyf is fairy tales.  Like Eve, I had to rely on Google to come up with something, and Wikipedia came to the rescue with a seriously long list of fairy tales, most of which I’d never heard of.

For my actual favorite, I’m going to say Cinderella.  For my favorite random, never-heard-of-it fairy tale, I’m torn between “The Hen-Wife’s Son and the Princess Bright-Brow” (in which I would play the hen-wife) and “The Wise Woman, or The Obstinate Princess: A Double Story” (which may or may not be about DID…).

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12 thoughts on “What’s your favorite?

  1. Donnalee says:

    I just today bought a used copy of a Tibetan fairy tale called the prince who turned intoa cuckoo, about a prince who gets tricked into putting his consciusness into a live cuckoobird, and then his badguy ‘friend’ steal his body by putting his own consciousness into it. I thought of the DID angle too, and will be intrested to see how it works out.

    I tend to like the stories where people get three wishes and are smart about what they wish for, or are really kind to grumpy old ladies or men or animals in distress and it turns out that they get rewarded. I really love ‘being a good person means you get rewards’.

  2. eirlysgwenllian says:

    I love loots of fairytales. From around the world. I think I got it from my Mum and I love almost everything folklore related and fairytales definitely are a part of folklore. I like Cinderella too. 🙂 When I was a very little kid my favourite was Little Red Riding Hood.

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