Happy Valentine’s Day to us all


heart-shaped I love you pillow and 14 February blocks

Valentine’s Day sometimes seems like it has two primary purposes: gross commercialism, and making single people feel like crap.  Flower and chocolate-sellers win, single people lose.

Well, I’m a single person and I’m here to say f*** that sh*t.  I would much rather snuggle into the warm, cozy, loving blogging community.  So happy Valentine’s Day to us all, and sending out lots of love, especially to those who need it the most.


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18 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day to us all

  1. Kerry says:

    I wish there was a love button, because like just isn’t enough for this.

    I absolutely hate Valentine’s Day and I hated it even when I wasn’t single.

    A person shouldn’t have to be forced to buy someone chocolate or flowers because the calendar says so. I’d much rather get them just because.

    It’s a bullshit holiday for sure!

  2. svizarra says:

    It is certainly mainstream. I find it to be an excuse for people to “take the time” to express how they feel, to their significant other. It should be an everyday thing.

  3. SweetSummerOnline says:

    I hear what your saying and I wish on one hand that Valentine’s Day didn’t exist, but on the other hand it’s sweet. I don’t want valentines gifts as I prefer thoughtfulness to be more than just once a year, but I absolutely HATE it when people ask “so what did he get you?” And I say “nothing, we don’t do Valentine’s Day” they give me a look that assumes ahh poor thing. So you can’t win, I feel there’s a feeling to have to conform. I feel it’s other people try to make your Valentine’s Day a number on a popularity scale. I’m going to have a hot bubbly soak, comfy pj’s , pizza and a horror movie and my hubby will be joining me. The pizza will make me fart and that is as romantic as it gets, thankfully he loves me anyway
    What ever you chose to do have a wonderful evening x

  4. Donnalee says:

    It used to be terrible for me, then eventually became a nonevent that I don’t feel emotions about. I say buy the chocolate and stuff tomorrow and enjoy the bargains and send yourself a really smoochy card about how you love yourself.

  5. Marie Abanga says:

    I love your post, am single mom though in a relationship now, but we are kind of old school so we laugh at the frenzy. I know 39 and 45 may not be old school out there, but when you have 3 kids at that age with two being teenagers, you sure feel old school. Thanks for me I never cared about V day even at any younger age, finding it ridiculous or even hypocritical. Hope you are feeling and doing better girl… and the PGs too oh

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