What’s Your Favorite?



It’s What’s Your Favorite day over at Revenge of Eve, and today’s topic is room in the house.  For me, like Eve, it’s definitely my bedroom.  It’s south-facing, so it’s nice and bright on sunny days like today.  My girl guinea pigs live in the bedroom, and the boys are next door in the bathroom.  The guinea pigs kick up lots of hay and bedding so the floor is always dirty.  I like to sit on my bed to write and have a big soft cushion for that purpose.


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7 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite?

    • ashleyleia says:

      The littles would love them. My girls are Casper, Cookie, and Oreo, and the boys are Zippy and Squeaky. They are very chatty, and squeak loudly when they want food,

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