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Starting the year off with some love

new year 2018
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Happy 2018!  I never make new year’s resolutions because I figure if there’s something I want to do I should just do it, regardless of what the date on the calendar happens to be.

So instead, I’m going to start off the new year with some love for my fellow bloggers.  I’ve been blogging for about 3 months now, and I never cease to be amazed by what a fantastic community we’ve got going here.  None of us are alone in how we’re feeling, and there’s so much we can learn from each other (and stuff we already know that we can always use reminders of).  I’ve been surprised how completely safe it feels to share the most intimate of details, and there’s no need to put on an act or cover things up.  I haven’t had to deal with any trolls, although one of my posts did get a like from some yucky dude whose gravatar was of him, naked, penis in hand.  Hmm, not sure what the intended goal was there, but to each their own.

Anyway, getting back to the point, thanks to all of you for being completely amazing, and I’m so grateful we can share our mental health journeys with each other.  When I get caught in the web of my depressive thoughts, I can always count on some helpful feedback to help pull me out and get me grounded again.  I am inspired on a daily basis by what all of you have to say, and I feel honoured to be able to read your work.  You guys are all superheroes!  Here’s hoping that 2018 brings good things for all of us.




10 thoughts on “Starting the year off with some love”

  1. I look forward to reading more of your posts this year. Thank you for being a part of my safe mental health community.

  2. Right back atcha! 💗 A beautiful post – thanks for appreciating us!

    p.s. This part: “although one of my posts did get a like from some yucky dude whose gravatar was of him, naked, penis in hand. ” made me laugh out loud!
    Whoa – glad he hasn’t liked my posts…..gulp….yet. 😱

  3. Here is to that indeed Ashley. It is 1.30 am my time and am up since 11:11 pm having slept off as usual at 9 pm. I think I know what’s boiling and am meeting my therapist tomorrow before going on to my granny’s funeral. Thanks for sharing all you do

  4. Great post! I totally agree, the sense of community here is quite remarkable! I only started blogging in August 2017, and I too have been overwhelmed by so many talented and wonderful people. I always enjoy your blog posts!!! Happy New Year to you!

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