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Sometime the Wheels Just Fall Off

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It’s been kind of a tough week.  I’ve been working night shifts the last couple of weeks, so my sleep pattern has been wonky and that certainly makes me more vulnerable.  December has brought on a lot of conflicted feelings related to Christmas.  I had originally planned to spend Christmas in Cuba with my best friend, but then something happened that made it abundantly clear that she really knew nothing about me, and we haven’t spoken since.  

I have had a difficult relationship with my parents over the last year and a half; when I’m depressed, I push them away, and I think that’s been very hard for them.  They didn’t invite me to come for Christmas this year, and when I let them know I was thinking about coming, the response was lukewarm.  They’re probably just struggling in their own way to cope with my illness, but it felt really shitty.

I spent most of my hour-long drive home from work yesterday morning crying.  Being sleep-deprived tends to break down the walls I try to build to help me keep a lid on things.  To try and cheer myself up a bit I went out and bought some silly little toys for me and the colleague I’ve been working with the last couple weeks, a lovely man who is actually the only person I feel safe with these days.  

Anyway, instead of acting cheerful about it he gave me a bit of a lecture on how I shouldn’t be spending money on stuff for him.  I know he was well-intentioned and not in any way trying to be hurtful, but it unleashed all the other stuff I had been barely holding in.  I spent about 2 hours crying at work last night (luckily the clients were asleep so none of them saw me), and then cried some more on my drive home this morning.

I feel pathetic.  I usually try not to beat myself up too much about my depression unleashing itself on the world around me, but I hate crying at work.  It’s the one setting where I feel like I really should be able to hold it together.  Except, realistically, that’s not always going to be the case.  So I guess I need to let it go and accept that sometimes the wheels are just going to fall off, but tonight I will get some sleep and tomorrow will be a new day.

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10 thoughts on “Sometime the Wheels Just Fall Off”

  1. Chin up, lady. You’re not pathetic at all, you are just temporarily struggling. That’s the thing ya gotta remember– it’s temporary. Things always shift. I use to work overnights so i know how that affects your mood. My schedule now is crazy too and it affects my sleep. I don’t do overnights but on Saturday & Sundays, I have to be at work at 4am. It completely throws me off.

  2. i was a hospital chaplain and know how much stress is put on nurses. People sometimes forget that nurses are people with feelings and that, combined with a high sense of caregiving and responsibility towards others, makes nurses vulnerable to all kinds of mental stress. God bless you for your love and dedication towards others and i pray you find strength enough to look after yourself as well. It is a priority, you know.

  3. You sound like you are having a rough time. I think many people find Christmas extra hard. There is the expectation that we all should be happy and jolly. For many people like yourself, the hard times just don’t magically disappear during Christmas. Even though I am a church minister I am not crazy about Christmas time. During my first marriage, it was the most stressful time. I have been happily married to Jen for 13 years. Jen loves Christmas. I am gradually warming up to Christmas again. I love the religious message of Christmas of peace and justice. I don’t like all the commercialism and the social pressure. My heart goes out to you. Just know I am thinking of you and wishing you moments of hope and joy through your days. I also send you courage to face the dark times. Thank you for sharing. It is not easy to share the tough parts of life. You are not only helping yourself you are helping many others. Blessings Roland

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