Mashed Potato Brains in Depression

This has been a busy week for me.  That’s in very much in a relative sense rather than an absolute sense; I doubt anyone else looking at my calendar would use the term “busy” to describe it. But mashed potato brains like to get in the way.

I’ve always found the cognitive symptoms of depression to be among the most disruptive to my overall functioning.  When I’m really unwell, it feels like I can’t think my way out of a paper bag.  I tend to describe the effect on my thinking as “mashed potato brains”; it seems like a fairly apt analogy. Sometimes they’re soupier than others.  My current depressive episode has stretched over the last year and a half, and the cognitive symptoms have ebbed and flowed over that time.  When my thinking starts to get clearer, I can feel a bit of hope, but then a week like this one comes along.

It wouldn’t bother me as much if there was something stressful that triggered the decompensation (I use this psychiatry term because it’s the only one that comes to mind).  That might seem logical.  But no, I don’t have that excuse.  I have just asked my brain to do a little bit of outside-the-routine thinking, and I get totally overwhelmed.  Hello mashed potato brains.  When I went on Pixabay to look for an image for this post, I couldn’t even remember how to spell potatoes (although I did realize that potatos looked a bit funny).

Just before I started writing this post, I was looking through my WordPress Reader feed, and I saw the post Losing My Mind on Travis and the Brain.  I felt relieved – relieved that I’m not the only one losing my mind, and relieved that even if we’re drowning we can help pull each other out of the water.

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2 thoughts on “Mashed Potato Brains in Depression”

  1. Yes! You aren’t alone! Mashed potatoes are a great analogy. Makes me hungry too, so I think I’ll go snack on that note!

    Just keep taking it day by day. And continue to reach out when you need too! Always here to chat if you need/want it!

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